Monster Shop specialises in the import and distribution of premium Halloween masks and costumes to South Africa.

Almost 40 years of innovation and creativity make these products the best in the industry. Our masks are made by hand in the Unites States.

  • All the Sculpt Artwork and Engineering is unique. Masks are designed to perfectly fit and move with the human head. All mask artwork (sculpts) are copywritten and protected.
  • The design focus is to deliver comfortable, lightweight and breathable Masks, Costumes and Accessories.
  • Durable and Long Lasting.
  • A complete costume with one mask.


  • Each mask is Handmade in the USA (Melrose Park, IL) and inspected by a team member before it is ever packed.
  • All of our production materials are tested annually for environmental and consumer safety concerns.
  • The raw materials (Latex and Paint) used in the manufacture of our Masks, Costumes and Accessories are all custom formulations. These custom formulations provide maximum elasticity and durability.

The culmination of proper character development, design elements, and materials result in our superior products and one of the strongest brands in the Halloween Industry.


Wash latex with diluted soap by lightly dabbing the area and repeat with a wet cloth. A very light coat of corn starch can prevent the mask from sticking to itself when washed.

Do not use oil based make up, removers and creams on latex products.

These oil based products will shorten the life of the latex.

Place clean newspaper in the mask to preserve shape when storing. Mould the paper into the original shape of the mask. Store in a cool, dry place – away from direct sunlight.